Joining GWen and Recruitment

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Joining GWen and Recruitment Empty Joining GWen and Recruitment

Post  Zilken Zatin on Wed Feb 06, 2008 11:01 pm

Since gaining the honour of Guild of the Week we have been inundated with requests to join GWen.

As a result we closed our recruitment after taking on around 10 new members. This has not however stopped people from wanting to join us so I feel its a good idea to make people aware of what our future plans on recruitment are.

From the 1st of March 2008 we will open our Roster for a maximum of 7 days, less if we fill the spaces opened quickly enough. There will be limited spaces (the amount will not be disclosed) and the candidates will be reviewed by myself and the Officers.

ALL new recruits are taken on on a TRIAL basis for 2 weeks after which new recruits are assessed and evaluated. Any new recruit not "cutting the mustard" will be released from Guild membership.

Completing an Application is now mandatory and is not avoidable in any way. Misinformation and misrepresentation result in immediate expulsion, so keep it straight and true...Any attempt to subvert or skirt around our procedure will result in a Rejection.

Those still wishing to join sould keep an eye on this forum and in particular the Application to join GWen section. A post will be made stating that we are open for recruitment. It will NOT be a first come first served so dont panic. So... be patient...

Good luck

Very Happy
Zilken Zatin
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