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Post  Jeffersons on Sun Jul 13, 2008 5:38 am

Name: Jeff
Age: 29
Country: France
How long have you been playing Guild Wars ?: Since December 2005 (missed first halloween...)
Campaigns owned: All inc gwen
How many GW accounts do you have?: 1 account with 15 slots
Profs: All ( a little less played are Ritu and Derv )
How did you hear about us: Gotw
Have read & agree with Guild/Alliance Policies?: yes
Previous guild memberships: officer of the [PAL] (canadian pve guild) 1 year approximately
officer of the [Ames] ( french PVE/PVP guild) until now
Reason for wanting to join the Lore School [GWen]?: looking for a good pve guild as my former guild is now more Gvg oriented
A little about yourself: almost 100% Pve, i like to collect stuff and armors for my lovely characters,
i also grind titles for my War main character but somes titles don't interest me
(like cash based titles). i like farming, doing elites zones in good groups, dunjeons,
almost anything in pve (Hard mode only now). My objectives are : having fun, getting
the few items i still want (priority is to get back my hands on another emerald blade
to keep it this time ), finishing some fow armors parts missing, then having fun again.


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GWen Member - Kayla Jefferson Empty Re: GWen Member - Kayla Jefferson

Post  Gwens Arrows on Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:31 am

Welcome to GWen
2 week trial

Arrows Smile

A Journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step
Gwens Arrows
Gwens Arrows

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