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App to Join GWen Empty Gwen Member--Dark Ecton

Post  Guest on Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:08 am

Very Happy

Name -- Dark Ecton (Eric ..Heidi cousin)
age-- 21
country--U.K but spend most time in Holland (amsterdam)
how long a GW Maniac-- 6months but was account sharing just got my own last week.
Campaigns--proph at the mo but will have all 4 by end of this week.
how you hear about us-- playpall,necro fez,ellodan,heiderz kyo in fact alot of gwen already no me outside of guild wars and as game is so big you go with what ya no or who you no as it would be this time.
policies -- YES
Previous Guilds memberships-- None
reason for wanting to join gwen-- all my friends that play are here and their always tellin me how good guild wars is for them as they are in a guild full of elites that dont actually mind offering advice..i feel that gwen has alot to offer and as i am a dedicated gamer i have alot to give. as for a bit about me not alot to say really i dont work i sit on my arse and smoke weed all day...NUFF SAID


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App to Join GWen Empty 2 week trial

Post  Gwens Arrows on Wed Aug 06, 2008 5:15 am

Welcome to GWen

accepted for 2 week trial

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