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Application to GWen Empty Application to GWen

Post  Piter Shadowalker on Sun Dec 21, 2008 3:05 pm

Name: Kolax Templar
Age: 18
Country: Canada
How long have you been playing Guild Wars ?: My friend and I started about a month after launch
Campaigns owned: All Campaigns and the Expansion
How many GW accounts do you have?: i had 3, but 2 i gave away to my friends to play.
Profs: Dervish, Monk and Necro ( Do have more but rarely play unless needed)
How did you hear about us: I heard about GWen through a friend, and read up more on the site.
Have read & agree with Guild/Alliance Policies?: Check and Check
Previous guild memberships: Oh jeez, where do i start. Ok It's been 3 years now the ones i remember are Knight of Kronos (KoK) Fell apart after Guild Leader left. Served there as a Member. Then shortly after that a Guild was formed Based of KoK which was called Decendants of Kronos (DoK) Fell apart after Guild Leader got tired. Served there as an Member then Officer, then My friend and myself started our own Guild called Legions of the Black Mantle (LBM) We held that Guild For quite sometime and then decided that we just wanted to have fun with the game and relax. Served there as Officer.
Reason for wanting to join the Lore School [GWen]?: Basically just to relax have some fun in a guild that actually knows whats going on.
A little about yourself: Well, I have played for quite somtime, Usually me and my friend do everything together. Itching to have fun.

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Application to GWen Empty Re: Application to GWen

Post  Ya Wat Wat on Sun Dec 21, 2008 3:11 pm

Accepted. Welcome to the party
Ya Wat Wat
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