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Post  Isopaha (Korae Baba) on Fri Feb 04, 2011 6:03 am


I was just wondering that who's done our banner? And what font type is used in the logo? Is there any higher res version of the logo?

If peeps didn't know I design websites, print media and web media for hobby and it's also kind of my 2nd job, cos I get paid for it from time to time. Smile So I was just thinking ('cos I'm bored) that if it's okay I could try to do some website designs for GWen. GW2 is going to come out at some point and I thought we could welcome the new challenges with a new look and upgrades for the website.

You can found some of my work in: http://sivut.blizzu.net
Best examples would be: http://sivut.blizzu.net/kriek2.jpg , http://sivut.blizzu.net/map3.jpg , http://sivut.blizzu.net/utopia2.png , http://sivut.blizzu.net/glassball.png , http://sivut.blizzu.net/blizzu100.png , http://sivut.blizzu.net/blizzu.png , http://sivut.blizzu.net/sincity3.png

^^' feel free to comment, too!

~blizzu / Fellow Knait / Korae Baba / etc.
Isopaha (Korae Baba)
Isopaha (Korae Baba)

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Lore School logo font Empty Logo

Post  Zilken Zatin on Mon Mar 14, 2011 11:17 am

The Original was done by a former Guildie

The orginal a/w isnt around anymore but youre welcome to have a play and if the design meets Guildwide approval we can use it.

Im always open to new ideas Smile

Zilken Zatin
Zilken Zatin

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