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GWen's own Mumble server Empty GWen's own Mumble server

Post  Isopaha (Korae Baba) on Wed Aug 29, 2012 11:28 am

Hey guys! Smile

I have a Mumble server lying around that's been used by me and Urpoysi for VoIP communication while gaming and since its 30 slot server, I thought I would put it to a good use. I'd like to give the IP and PW to you guys. Would be great (and maybe easier) to run through dungeons etc in the future with the help of it. It could be the GWen's VoIP-server!

While its not a necessity or necessary, I would still enjoy to speak with you guys instead of writing. Smile And since the Guild chat seems to be down quite often, this could come in handy. Anyways, here's the info:

Port: 65043
Password: ohai

If you have channels you would like to add, just gimme a shout. Smile I can also raise the slots to fit the guilds needs, but I think 30 slot is more than enough for starters! Its a paid server so it should run pretty smoothly. Mumble is the top notch VoIP-software used by gamers worldwide atm, along with Team Speak 3. Mumble is gaining more and more foot on the market all the time, since it offers the best sound quality/bandwidth and hardware usage ratio.

See (hear) you guys in Mumble!

Isopaha (Korae Baba)
Isopaha (Korae Baba)

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GWen's own Mumble server Empty Re: GWen's own Mumble server

Post  platinum on Thu Aug 30, 2012 1:19 am

Very nice!

Will add forum address to guildmessage ingame with side note of VOIP.

Link: Mumble client

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