How are you all doing? Can I help you in something?

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How are you all doing? Can I help you in something? Empty How are you all doing? Can I help you in something?

Post  Isopaha (Korae Baba) on Tue Oct 09, 2012 3:45 pm

Hey all! Smile

Just wondering how are you all doing? Do you need assistance in something? I'll gladly help! Smile

Was strolling through some very, very old threads and posts and came across to this written by Dwaynas Beloved (the best 600 monk in Tyria):

The Lore School is a family, GWen is a bunch of friends having great time in alternative universe. GWen is a phenomenon, and big part of that phenomenon is the best and the cozyest community in all Tyria. To me, the prime time of GWen was just after I joined. Guild chat was filled with warm and cozy chat. People were doing stuff together, whether it was title hunting or clearing UW or minipet racing in GH (which I invented Cool ). In the past, GWen was the place of relaxment for me. I want it to be just that for me in the future too! GWen was the reason I came back to GW time after time, year after year.

As of lately, the Lore School hasn't lived up on its reputation (Guild of the Week <-- link). What happened? I don't want to say it, but I think we're having the same problems as before. Are we not caring enough? We need to be more social.

I'm quoting myself from 4.5 years ago from the above thread:

Re: Goodbye.....For Now
Korae Baba on Mon Mar 03, 2008 9:32 pm

I gotta say something else. I fully agree with DBs comment:
After all the hassle with ULGG, we seemed to manage to get everything back to the way it was before, and when Payne tried to encourage all of us to do more things together, I noticed everyone trying to give our guild that cozy aspect back once again. Too bad that only lasted for a few days.

I "tried" to set up an UW clearing one day and it was kind of awkvard to see 10-15 members and officers online and only Arrows answering that he can't right now. I'm aware of people being in missions and maybe they haven't seen what I say but that can't go for the rest 14 people online. So I think we really lack some team work and social events and chats.
What struck me today was that one of our newer guild members said that we're a bot guild. Why, you ask? Because whenever someone comes online and says "Hey all!" there's a ton of responds like "Hey X!". And damn do I like that? Yes I do! What bothers me and this special guild member that gave me the courage to write this post is the silence after that.

When I ask: "Anyone for TA exp? Need 2 more!" I get 1 response out of 15-20 guild members online.

I miss the prime time of GWen. I want to return it, and I'm willing to fight for it! I want us to be a team (guild) instead of being just a group of people playing a game. And what we need to be a team? We need a common purpose, we need a common goals and we need a common approach! I want every new GWendolier feel the same warmth of heart that I did when I joined GWen!

I know I'm not the best example of an active guild member, but the thing in life is that you can always change. I won't rest until the spirit of the Lore School is returned to its rightful place, Guild of the Week of Guild Wars 2! We are the Heart of Tyria - we are the safe haven to any lost traveler seeking for a place to spend an eternity in. To me, GWen is my past and GWen will be my future.

What I can't achieve just by myself we can achieve it as a guild!

So, do you need help with anything? Smile Do you just want to do some dungeons or exploring? Count me in!

Yours truly,

TL;DR There is none, so read the whole post!
Isopaha (Korae Baba)
Isopaha (Korae Baba)

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How are you all doing? Can I help you in something? Empty Re: How are you all doing? Can I help you in something?

Post  Xuie on Wed Oct 10, 2012 6:43 am

I completely agree, GWen has been the reason that Guild Wars for me was such a fun and enjoyable game, but now we're less than two months past the launch of GW2 and we're (for want of a better word) stagnant. Although I'm guilty of it myself, it's a little disappointing when I log on for say an hour and the only things in my Guild chat are 'hey' and 'see you later'.

Maybe if we got some regular events going? Dungeon runs go often enough, but often they're at times when I'm about to log off for the day, or have to be up early. Perhaps something else then, say scavenger hunts or races from one hub to another, maybe a screenshot contest? I'm just spitballing here, but I'd love to see some regular stuff going on

That's just my two cents, but thanks to Isopaha for calling us out,


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How are you all doing? Can I help you in something? Empty Re: How are you all doing? Can I help you in something?

Post  platinum on Wed Oct 10, 2012 9:38 am

Couldnt agree more tbh.

Myself and a few others have had a discussion about it lately.

The spitballing is actually good, and I wouldn't mind people adding their input on it.
Or maybe even appoint somebody as an event manager who collects the ideas from all and give it a twirl into fun stuff.
(if anyone feel that he or she is/are called out for this, don't hesitate to let yourself known Smile

However I also realize that at the moment there are alot of people who still roaming about in the lower areas, due to lack of playtime etc and
are still fully enjoying the storyline and their lil walkabout. Some are still really exploring the game to the fullest.
(and not grinding karma for hours to get some silly armor, Rolling Eyes )

Personally i was hoping to get this commander for wvw in the near future, so we could have a guild-zerg going on in there and create some more togetherness through it. (Besides any guild events what the future might bring)

I will add the forumaddress back on the guild message, since i got the feeling not everyone familiar with it, and hopefully it will stir up some more input.

On a sidenote, only other day I realized we had 70+ people in guild (I know some are on other servers) with a headcount off only 30+ right before launch.
And, here's a cheer to the upcoming Mad King, do hope all will show up in LA and represent!

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How are you all doing? Can I help you in something? Empty Re: How are you all doing? Can I help you in something?

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