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call me melodramatic! Empty call me melodramatic!

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 26, 2008 3:00 am

i have a complete fascination with pre-searing ascalon....
its the first thing i remember when i first installed and played the game...
wondering around killing level 3 skale.
meeting new people.
the ALWAYS bustling marketplace in the town centre.
daring to go into the catacombs silent

and then the searing came all too soon Sad

the place you loved and cherished, yet you didn't realise how much you felt for it...


then there is shing-jea.
the beautiful well crafted shape of the landscape, the schoolboy/teenager like treatment, then a propulsion into the horrors and disfigurements of the afflicted. you have to grow up quickly level 20 comes very fast Laughing


then theres the land of the golden sun, elona.
the rebellious yet dozy corsairs. the hard working people of istan making there way in a world corrupt with money and taint of nightfall. I felt the best part of this starting land was the mehtani keys with it clear, shimmering blue-green water and the occasional shell to be found.

To conclude:
if i could call anywhere home on the three continents it would be tyria, for the pure nirvana of pre-searing and the dramatic plunge into the searing. also the charr for theyre pure ease of killing xD
but its nice in the northern provinces above the dragons gullet, reminds me of pre... the only thing missing is a massive wall xD

so hit me with your thoughts on which continent YOU would call home and why?


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call me melodramatic! Empty Re: call me melodramatic!

Post  Guest on Sat Jan 26, 2008 6:05 am

Me woulds call me home Tyria pre-searing too, even though my main is Canthan, because I loves pre Very Happy


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