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Recruiting in GW2 Empty Recruiting in GW2

Post  Zilken Zatin on Sat Jul 07, 2012 4:14 am

As the day gets ever closer more and more old faces, friends, allys and many more are popping up and asking whats the plan for GW2. Will Lore School [GWen] be there?
Well, those that have already played the beta will know that we are most defintely there!! And come launch day Lore School will be firmly on the GW2 map!
We will be joined by some old friends from other guilds that we have played with and alongside and hopefully, new friends that you are all welcome to invite.
As the way Guilds has changed in GW2 there may well be fewer due to the lack of alliances. So merging of many Guilds is clearly going to take place. We will be one of those Guilds that will be happy to bring in people.
So, here's to the future and remember, invite your friends!
Be Nice and Have Fun!
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