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Post  Guest on Fri May 23, 2008 10:35 am

Name: Vorp Ulus - Daniel Chand
Age: 14
Country: United Kingdom, Wolverhampton, Parkfields
How long have you been playing Guild Wars ?: 503 hours 46 minutes Over the past 3 months
Campaigns owned: All + Bonus mission pack
How many GW accounts do you have?: One
Profs: Ranger Mostly
How did you hear about us: I hear about GWen Guild from GotW
Have read & agree with Guild/Alliance Policies?: Yep, i did real your Guild & Allience rules, and i agree with them.
Previous guild memberships: Eclipse Of Shadow Risers
Reason for wanting to join the Lore School [GWen]?: My reaon for wanting to join lore school is mainly becuase people encourage and help each other, and you all seem like reall great ladies and gentlemen, you are also very organized from what ive seen, and i think it would be a great adventure to join along with you!
A little about yourself: Well, im 14, ive been playing guild wars for 3 month's now, i really enjoy playing it, and i play it as much as i can, i always happy to help my freinds and my allies, my main hobbies are drumming!, i listen & enjoy all music!, and i can be very talkative at times Surprised, im always eager to get further in GW, and titles, well thats not muhc about me but, thanks for reading this!



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